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Are you in trouble while sourcing electronic components? Long lead time reported after getting a good price from the distributor,and the broker companies who have stock on hand driven up the prices, or you can’t complete your BOM list in just one place.

Try SINLIN today, you will get prompt service, and never been easier on sourcing the components when you need them.

We have been in the field of global sourcing for more than 20 years. You can get quality parts at the most competitive price here to feed all your needs. Think of us when you resource for electronic components.

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We stocking the world's widest selection of electronic components, as well as obsolete and hard to find components.

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We ship orders from stock when placed before 3pm pacific time the same day. Global shipping from multiple warehouses.

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Our staff also has the knowledge to make recommendations for alternative or upgrade parts that will qualify for your AVL.

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